First Full Moon of October

Full Moon in Aries, October First, 2020
This month starts with a Full Moon in Aries, and ends with a rare Blue Moon in Taurus on Halloween. Yes, this year is extra-special, and October will only add to the shock value we've witnessed on our 2020 Bingo cards so far. But in a good way, according to this reading. I haven't posted the cards in a long time. Because what is there to say, over and over, about the Death card. Which has come up in my private readings, monotonously, for months. “It is what it is.” The End.

Six of Pentacles: Wealth.
In the Past position, we've got the Six of Pentacles, which can mean either generosity or exploitation, depending on whether it turns up in Shadow or Light. The past is over, and therefore neutral. This card in this position says that we've all been focusing on what's truly valuable to us. What's worth spending our time, energy, and resources on? Get rid of clutter and cherish what's left.

Seven of Pentacles: Wait for It.
In the Present, a Harvest Moon, we're still on hold, contemplating our means, and making plans for a celebration of whatever bounty we've nurtured. 

The Tower: Liberation from Old Structures.
Hang on to your Crowns: in the Future, there's going to be a shakeup. Weak foundations always crumble — make sure yours is strong, and that you're not a lying sack of shit like certain politicians, who this card says are in their downfall.

Nine of Cups: Wish Granted.
Outcome of October: everything is going to get better by Halloween.

Anima: The Lovers
We've all got a choice to make. Who will you CHOOSE for the next four years in this Year of Four? The Lovers tell us to VOTE.

Animus: The Hermit
The Hermit here reminds us that we are all our own authority, self-initiated by our ability to THINK. Which path will you take? 

Syzygy: The World
The World says that we will all choose wisely and well.