No. 2

Reading overview: Who, What, How, & Why
January 7, 2020.
Blogs hardly exist anymore, and for good reason — because most of them were boring AF. It's less boring to yell at some asshole on Twitter (marginally).

But I believe the ephemeral pixelated World Wide Web is a good place to share Love for the Unseen World as Seen through the Tarot. So that's what's happening here. I've been reading and studying the Tarot for 48 years now. 48 years! That's longer than most people have been alive. Time does not necessarily make one wise. But, I do know some things. So: share and share alike.

This is a reading I did for myself, and it is Bang On. 

Nine of Swords, OMG Life Sucks!
Yes, this is me, right here and right now. The Nine of Swords is never a pleasant card to see, in any deck. Swords = words, so this card is the ultimate in negative self-talk. It's a crone wishing she was a maid again, and wondering if an eyelid lift will make her look freakish or renewed. (Freakish!) It's the soul getting sick of all the day-to-day crap that has to be dealt with else things fall completely apart. Worry, anxiety, dread. Dread, anxiety, worry. Usually in the middle of the night when that last whisky fume wearing off wakes you up. The solipsism of this existential crisis will only become clear if you take your hands off your face and look up.

Queen of Swords, Incarnate Bitch/Witch.
Life sucks, deal with it. So says the Queen of Swords. She is the sour Widow of the deck. She's fully experienced every loss it's possible to live through. But she knows how to manage aging and other indiginities: ruthlessly. She doesn't cuss often, but when she does, it's usually, "Fuck off!" The Queen of Swords would never get an eyelid lift. Still, she knows how to live functionally, for as long as possible. She's a one-meal-of-Saltines-and-pimento-cheese-a-day sort of old bat who still drives at 99. Also, she is an expert in the almost lost art of tatting.

King of Pentacles, and Getting Shit Done.
So, to the unspoken Question, "How to go from an internal feeling-sorry-for-myself-nightmare into an external Back-the-Fuck-Off warrior stance?" the answer is, "Take care of business." Tending to the domain and reveling in the awesome riches of the natural world of Earth its own self, patiently and and with marvelous good care, will transform the paralysis of the Nine into the dominion of the Queen. Clean the house, all of it. Admire the wonder of your knick-knacks as you dust. Go for a walk and be dazzled by the miracle of tree roots and dirt. Do it!

The Star, a guiding Light for the Soul.
Why is Humanity prone to existential crises? Because the Soul wants to be Free from the gravity of Incarnation. That's why. The Star gives us Hope that Liberation will come.