No. 3

Overview of Celtic Cross Spread.
This is the traditional Celtic Cross spread, laid out wonky so all the cards would fit into the shot. The explanation of each position's meaning will come as we go. I don't do reversals in readings but instead talk about a card holistically: each has both its shadow and sunlight inside, no matter what face it wears out in public.

Two of Swords, the Assessor.
Two of Swords is in the position of Self. It represents your moment of departure through the pathwork of this reading. Right now you are in a state of internal review. This is the ultimate card of looking within. You don't want anything to distract you or upset your equlibrium as you weigh the past actions that brought you to this moment. Introspection is neccessary, but too much of it can lead to a paralytic stalemate. The moment always comes when you have to remove the sleep mask and come out of your meditations, and actually use the insights gained there.

King of Swords, the Decider.
The King of Swords here in the Situation position shows the enviroment you will resurface into when you are ready to face the world again. He is a judge, ready to wield his Sword of Truth to make an incisive decision, the kind that cuts through the clutter of outworn ties with ease and clarity.

Four of Pentacles, the Calculator.
The Four of Pentacles is the Fulcrum between your Self and the Situation, the board of the see-saw between the inaction of the Two of Swords and the irrevocable action of the King: helpful advice for maintaining balance between your inner and outer worlds. The Four of Pentacles is all about counting your pennies and planning how to use them to their very best effect. This card, however, is not just about being frugal and avoiding any sort of debt. It's about fortifying the structure of your own personal domain so that you don't have to list between the radically opposed stalemate (2 Swords) and guillotine (King Swords). Set boundaries on how you spend yourself.

Nine of Cups, the Genie.
The Nine of Cups is known as the "Wish Card," and here in the Foundation position it says that you are starting the journey mapped out by this reading with the luck and emotional well-being needed to make it all the way through to the buried treasure where X marks the spot! Use your three wishes wisely, of course.

Five of Pentacles, the Charismatic.
The Five of Pentacles in the Passing Influence position shows that you have recently had a brush with a Con Man, Snake Oil Peddler, Mail Order Preacher, NLP Pickup Artist, Ponzi Schemer, Used Car Salesman type. Charisma is dangerous in the wrong (or even the right!) hands, hence this negative image of two victims who've been bilked out of their life savings and are heading towards the soup kitchen. Whether this was an actual person or just a dazzling idea that almost led you astray, matters not. The lesson has been learned, assessed (see Self card), and you're ready to start over.

King of Cups, the Alchemist.
The King of Cups here is in your Guiding Light position. This King is a Scorpio, and so represents the passion and drive of the Alchemist who strives to marry opposites within himself, and thereby make gold out of lead. He suggests that you read more poetry and ponder the immense beauty of the Periodic Table.

Knight of Swords, the Editor.
The Gateway position here is guarded by the Knight of Swords, the ruthless editor of the deck. At his worst, he's a jihadist intolerant of any viewpoint but his own; at his best, he tames disordered morasses of words into rhythmical meters and elegant turns of phrase. This card in the suit of Swords harkens back to your Self and Situation cards, and re-emphasizes the importance of Thought to you right now. The Knight of Swords is a warrior, and unlike the contemplative Two and King of Swords, doesn't like sitting around. Edit your negative self-talk vigorously in order to make it through the gate and get to the other side of the present moment.

The Sun.
The Sun in your Shadow position awaits you once you wield the cutting insights of the Knight of Swords. The Shadow is not always dark, sometimes it's just an aspect of your Self you can't see. Are you seeing the Sunshine you were blessed with at birth? Or is that blindfold worn by the Two of Swords blocking it out? The Light is there, and ready to warm and heal you.

The Lovers.
The Lovers in your Allies position shows that an Angel is on your side right now, and will help you make the Right Choice (the choice that the Two of Swords is contemplating). Sometimes Lovers means Romance, but I'm not really seeing that in the rest of your reading. Here it's more about acheiving a joyful balance between Self and Situation, Inner and Outer worlds.

Six of Wands, the Hero.
Six of Wands in The Advice position here suggests that you step up and accept a leadership position of some sort. In my experience, Sixes are the glib numbers of the Tarot, so whatever this leading role may be, it will be associated with an innate talent you fully own.

Four of Wands, the Barnraiser.
The Outcome card is the X on the treasure map, and the Four of Wands is a happy card, indicating energy well spent on creating a stable, prosperous, and joyous environment. You have the ability to turn a house into a home, your life into a celebration. Go for it!