No. 1

Reading No. 1 Overview, January 6, 2020
This is a four card Who, What, How, & Why reading. The three cards on the bottom, left to right, signify: 1. WHO you are now, and the internal world you harbor in this present moment; 2. WHAT the external world currently supplies you with; and 3. HOW you can best receive and use what is being offered by the situation. The card above all three is the KEY which shines its light into the forms below, and shows WHY this dynamic has appeared for you.

Two of Cups
The Two of Cups here illustrates a balanced interior psyche, in harmony with both its female anima and male animus. These two right brain/left brain sides of the self carry on a dynamic conversation that generates enough electricity in the fluid conductor of two filled chalices to pulse up the caduceus (a symbol of the body's energetic chakra system) to a shared aura of Love above, symbolized by the lion-faced wingèd beast, a griffin transcendently in tune with its body and soul. This is a golden card of alchemical androgyny, and of the Artist who uses incarnation to express the spirit. On a mundane level it can mean True Romance, like the kind in Barbara Cartland novels.

Nine of Cups
The Nine of Cups is traditionally called the "Wish Card." It also represents the wise use of emotions, and is so too known as the "Happiness Card." On a mundane level, what the situation at hand offers you could be a long hoped-for opportunity. The image shows an Ace of Cups wellspring-like trophy in the center of a shelf, flanked by four Two of Cups (see above) — so this can also mean winning the prize in a competition of some artistic sort. Spiritually, it encourages you to sit back, grab a glass of something cordial, and listen to the Music of the Spheres.

Knight of Swords
"Sword" is an anagram of "Words," so whenever a card of the Swords suit appears, think about how you are communicating, verbally. Knights are the most active cards in the Tarot, and The Knight of Swords is the most bad-ass of these warriors. He doesn't suffer fools, liars, or bad writers: the ultimate Editor. Placed here, he suggests that the best way to be granted your wish is to slash through any wordy bullshit you encounter with the aggressive Sword of Truth, and a bold red pencil.

The Lovers
The Lovers, Key Six in the Tarot's Major Arcana, is a higher expression of the Two of Cups, the pip card which landed in your Self position. Note how the griffin representing the energy raised by the two cups' toast has here been superceded by a heavenly being of Light. Wholeness belongs to the Blessèd: the union of female and male energies generates not just Love, but sacred Life itself. So — you, as a person who has done the work to bring yourself into balance, will be granted a wish for telling the Truth you have fought hard to express, because the Angels are on your side! Or, this could be read in the standard fortune-teller's format: you're about to embark on a beautiful relationship with the love of your life: someone tall, dark, handsome — and smart. Have fun!