Year of Four

The Emperor.

Happy 2020, a year of 4. This is the card that came up for me this morning, The Emperor, in the Key of 4! 4 is the opposite of reckless, it’s a number of reckoning. Stop and think about how you run your own empire. How do you spend your resources (pentacles), feelings (cups), energy (wands), & insights (swords)? All of the pip cards in four show administrative activity within a holding pattern. 4 pentacles is doing the math before buying, 4 cups is assessing past entanglements before moving on to a new one, 4 wands is weighing structures (diet & exercise!) to enhance health, 4 swords is meditating on how to achieve a balance between positive and negative thoughts and their expression into words. 2020 should be a good year to get things done in a thoughtful, measured, and measurable way.

P.S. I’ve been using the Hoi Polloi deck (not the same one) since my Scorpio Book-of-the-Month-Club-member gave to me one summer, many, many years ago. (1972!)