May the 4th Be With You!

May the Fourth Be With You!
Was there ever a better time for Jedi wisdom? No. We all need it right now. Don't go to the Dark Side, basically.

I started this Tarot blog as a record of 2020, in Archetypal Pictures, and it's interesting how often the same cards have shown up so far. When strange faces appear, it feels like an important message. Today the newcomers are Eight of Swords, Three of Wands, and The Hierophant.

The Fool says,  "Take a Leap of Faith, and Defy Gravity!"
The Fool in the Issue Position is a reminder not to take Life so seriously that you forget to Look Up. Watching your feet all the time as you plod along The Path is SUCH a bore. Where EVER you are, you can still notice your surroundings, and marvel at something: a bird's song, the shine on new oak leaves, the silly way your dog hops after frogs. Don't forget to nuture your Spirit, with laughs.

Eight of Swords asks, "Are You Feeling Hemmed-In Yet?"
The Situation Position here aptly shows Eight of Swords. This card is sometimes called "The Test." We're all being tested right now — to do the right thing, to stay calm and focused in the face of unique restrictions. Planets can't veer from their orbits; humans need to acknowledge the constraints of mortality, and of society. Whilst forced into an introspective stance by lockdown, contemplate all of the structures you may have heretofore taken for granted: supply chains, health care systems, the hospitality industry. Those structures are busted, and will need everyone's help once freedom of movement is restored.

Seven of Swords whispers, "Take Back the Night!
By Wile and Guile."
In the Fulcrum Position, sneaky Seven of Swords has shown up once more. This position gives advice on how to resolve The Issue with The Situation. The Fool's lighthearted adventurousness is completely at odds with the seriously rigid control of the Eight of Swords. In the battle of Free Spirit vs. Lockdown, use your wily intelligence to steal some happiness back from a grim reality: learn how to do something really difficult, like learn Czech, or go for a walk in the woods at midnight when there's nobody around but owls and coyotes. Adventures come in many forms, and always make us feel more engaged with the world.

Three of Wands states, "Believe It or Not,
The Future looks Bright!"
The Outcome Position shows the Three Musketeers card of "One for All, and All for One," and of looking ahead to Better Days. They're coming.

Wheel of Fortune: Times They Are A Changing.
Roll With It.
Key One is the Wheel of Fortune, urging us to have faith that our Luck is about to change for the better.

The Hierophant: Receive Jedi Wisdom.
Key Two is the Hierophant, who encourages us to keep learning, to  keep our minds climbing up the hierarchical ladder of lights. Learning is a way to freedom and adventure. Take a Master Class in hieroglyphics or try a new weird Yoga posture.

Judgement: Return to the Light.
Key Three, the Syzygy, asks us to remember that we're all here to evolve, spiritually. Do The Right Thing.

The Emperor: This is MY YEAR, bitches.
I pulled an Extra Card and look who's here again! The Emperor, that impalcable Patriarch who stocks supermarkets with pork chops even when meat packing plants are hot beds of disease. Since this is a Star Wars influenced post, this Key now brings to mind Palpatine, a.k.a. Darth Sidious. Makes a lot of sense, by Jupiter.

May the Fourth Be With You!
And also with you.