The Sign of Bull

Overview of Bullish Celtic Cross Reading, Part I.
The Sun just went into Taurus, so let's see what's ahead during the solar passage through The Bull's Zodiac sign.

Taurus natives are ruled by Venus and supposedly like to lounge around in couture sweatpants, eating large bowls of pasta whilst daydreaming about the fabulous emeralds of Topkapi Palace. A perfect disposition for continued sheltering-in-place. But — we weren't all born to chew cuds, and non-ruminators are longing for greener grass beyond the horizon.

Overview of Celtic Cross, Part II: The Path to the Future.
Cards squared up to fit in this snap. We see here 8) Blind Spot: The Star; 9) Allies: Five of Wands; 10) Advice: Knight of Wands; & 11) Outcome: Emperor.

The Keys, offering Angelic Guidance.
Key Overview: We've got some heavy hitters on our side in the Angelic Realms. Animus: Judgement; Anima: The Sun; Syzygy: The World.

On to the specifics!

Issue: Knight of Swords, Gemini.
For the signification of the Issue, Card 1, we drew the Univited Guest first glimpsed in The Year Ahead reading of February: Knight of Swords. This court card is Mutable Air — Gemini —personified. Is he one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse? (The rider of the Red Horse traditionally refers to War, not the Plague. According to pundits, we're at war with the Invisible Enemy, plaguey COVID-19, so maybe.) Interesting to note that the two World Leaders displaying the least amount of accountability during this pandemic are both Geminis: USA's Trump and UK's BoJo.

Situation: Six of Pentacles, Taurus ruled by Venus.
Card 2 shows us the Situation. Six of Pentacles is ruled by Taurus, so it's a good match for the timeframe of this reading. This card traditionally means Generosity, which is not always a good thing. It’s uncomfortable to be on the receiving end of largesse, as millions suddenly dependent on handouts instead of their own ability to work for a living now know. It's less uncomfortable for the wealthy doling out the coins, but still kind of awkward. Who gets what when? Taurus is a practical Earth sign, and will try to administer resources fairly. This season is therefore favorable for good decisions and effective solutions to the tensions caused by the attempts to "flatten the curve."

Fulcrum: Three of Cups, Cancer ruled by Jupiter.
Card 3 represents the bridge between the Issue and the Situation. Families (Cancer) are being asked by Society (Jupiter) to assent to shutdowns. Most are cooperating with "stay home" orders, and trying to make the best of it, often by drinking too much.

Foundation: Death, ruled by Neptune, the Great Dissolver.
Card 4 is pretty clear about the reason for all of these shelter-in-place rules: the first of the Four Last Things to be Ever Remembered. Death, caused by pathogen. Today the worldwide reported fatalities from the COVID-19 virus is 166,000. That's more people than could fit in the largest stadium in the world.

Recent Past: Seven of Pentacles, Virgo ruled by Saturn.
Card 5, influences passing away, shows a farmer watching the fruit of his labors rot in the field. Virgo's strong but rote work ethic is strangled by Saturn’s restrictions here, and productivity has suffered because of it. Growth of the Economy is one curve that flattened/flatlined quickly.

The Ideal: Ace of Pentacles, Capricorn ruled by Saturn.
Card 6, the best possible outcome, shows the Ace of Pentacles, ruled by bossy Saturn in cardinal Capricorn, offering the coin of physical (which includes financial) health. This is the viable seed that can restart growth.

Gateway to the Future: Nine of Wands, Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter.
Card 7, Nine of Wands shows the starting gate to the future. The best motto to describe the mundane meaning of this card is "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors." Keep your boundaries strong. Stay home, wear masks, all that stuff.

Blind Spot: The Star, ruled by Mercury.
Card 8 is the influence at work, helpful or harmful, that none of us can see. The Star is always helpful. Stay hopeful.

Allies: Five of Wands, Leo ruled by Mars.
Card 9 speaks of the people around you. Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, on Twitter and on TV. Confederate Flag-waving protesters in flannel shirts pissed about the delay in getting their mullets trimmed at Great Clips versus healthcare workers forced to wear garbage bags and home sewn calico masks as PPE. In the ally position this shows that these fracases are a good thing. Because it's clear who the villains are?

Advice: Knight of Wands, Sagittarius.
Card 10, Knight of Wands, is a counterintuitive card to end up in the Advice position during the era of lockdown, since this Knight's favorite thing to do is Hit The Road, Jack. Sagittarius is directly opposite Knight of Swords Gemini, so maybe use this truthful warrior’s confrontational berserker qualities to ride roughshod over the liars in power. Fire up your ire for the days when freedom of movement won’t kill the vulnerable, and Get Ready.

Outcome: The Emperor, Jupiter.
Card 11, The Emperor, shows that the rules and restrictions of the Patriarchy are still going to be trying to protect the populace from the problems it created for the foreseeable future. Nothing's going to change until everything changes.

Animus: Judgement, ruled by Saturn.
In the Animus position, Judgement urges us to use the rational, responsible side of our Human Nature to make good evolutionary choices, and to cast aside flimsy, outworn, nonsustainable methods of living on this planet we all share.

Anima: The Sun.
The Sun as Anima encourages us to revel in being alive for as long as we are, and to use our creativity to radiate happy magic into the world.

Syzygy: The World.
By melding the energies of Judgement and the Sun with Love in our hearts, The World will be a better place.