The Year Ahead

The Wheel of the Year, beginning March of 2020.
A cold wet Wednesday in the middle of February is as good a time to look forward to the upcoming twelve months as any other day, because, as we all know, tomorrow never comes — nor does Next Year. Still, it will be interesting to look back at this reading from the vantage point of a hot humid day in July and see what cards hit the mark.

The Empress.
First House: Self. March. Venus. The Empress here signifies the ability to express wonder at all of the multitudinously beautiful forms of incarnation. Imagine listening to the Spring Peepers in the muddy ravines of the woods on the first soft evening of the year. The days slowly grow longer, the Green Goddess begins to burgeon. Appreciate beauty, both your own and the World's.

Nine of Pentacles.
Second House: Wealth. April. Virgo, ruled by Mercury. Nine of Pentacles is an excellent card to land in the Money Pot position. It signifies material abundance — gemstones, gourmet food, silk kimonos — and the will to take care of it all, not frugally, but with meticulous stewardship and attention to detail. You value yourself and your surroundings highly, and take great pleasure in polishing both.

The Magician.
Third House: Imagination. May. Air, Uranus. The Magician is Mercury/Hermes himself. This month you will have great results at manifesting your will through careful juggling of the Four Elements: Earth (Pentacles), Water (Cups), Fire (Wands), & Air (Swords). Plant a garden on a windy day, then raise a glass of cheer around the firepit. Or — write out your completely-visualized-down-to-the-last-sequin manifesto for the summer. Revisit this document in November to check off Dreams Come True: If one dream involves starting a novel, the first draft will be finished by then.

Ten of Cups.
Fourth House: Home. June. Water Trine, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Let the Good Times Roll. Have a dinner party for friends and use your best antique sterling silver Repousse ice cream forks for dessert. Take a magical gratitude bath and stay hydrated. Your surroundings will bring you great happiness, and hugs.

Page of Cups.
Fifth House: Arts. July. Summer. Continue to service the new creative project begun in May using all of your emotional and psychic antennae. The Page of Cups waits on the Queen of Cups, who represents the Zodiac sign of Cancer, and is a mundane representation of the High Priestess, Key to the Mysterious Inspirations of the Dream World. Listen to Opera on the lawn at dusk, but work away on the story/poem/song in the dawn, with gentle diligence.

The Sun.
Sixth House: Health. August. Pisces. You are radiantly fit and ready to shout about it. Ride horses naked and laugh in the sunshine of long hot days.

Four of Swords.
Seventh House: Others. September. Aquarius, ruled by Mercury. Lay down your sword when it comes to the drama caused by others. Don't get into arguments. Take a nap instead, and contemplate the benefits of Peace.

The Hierophant.
Eighth House: Resources. October. Aries. Seek estate planning advice from a trusted professional. Now is the time to grow your money, conservatively. Take stock of your portfolio.

Five of Wands.
Ninth House: Education. November. Leo, ruled by Mars. Visualization is a key concept right now. Take an alchemy workshop this month, and learn how to heat up your excess energy to boil out the gold in your soul, rather than projecting any inner conflicts onto others. And quit cussing so much! The first draft of your novel is finished. Yes, it sucks, but all first drafts do. Quit getting upset about it and make plans for its reVISION.

Ace of Cups.
Tenth House: Goals. December. Cancer, ruled by the Moon. Celebrate all the Love in your life this Holiday season. Make a really delicious Rum Punch to go along with the canapé buffet.

Two of Swords.
Eleventh House: Wishes. January. Libra, ruled by Saturn. The deep winter is a great time to stay inside and contemplate the Meaning of Life. Meditate. Wallow in introversion. Hibernate.

The Hermit.
Twelfth House: Spirituality. February. Leo. Hopefully the shutdown of the previous month got you in touch with your Inner Light. Use that lantern to find the right path forward.

Knight of Swords.
Thirteenth Fairy: The Univited Guest. Gemini. This is the card of The Editor. The Story you began in May is now readly to be ruthlessly dismembered. This Knight's Sword is the Red Pencil that shapes Words. Heed his advice or you may lose your head!