Sussexit II

Reading for Harry's solo Sussexit negotiations.
This reading is for the previous week of Harry's solo Sussexit negotiations in Great Britain, up until he touched down in Canada and rejoined his wife and child on Vancouver Island, as follow-up to the previous Declaration of Independence reading.

Page of Swords.
In the Self position, the Page of Swords takes his stand on high ground, the emissary between two enemy camps. A clear snapshot of Prince Harry at the "Sandringham Summit" parleying with the Queen about the terms of his exit from the British Royal Family.

Queen of Cups.
In the Situation position we find the Queen of Cups, who represents the zodiac sign of Cancer — which rules both Princess Diana's sun and Meghan's ascendant. It's a Cardinal  (i.e. "bossy") sign. Cancer natives are nuturing, gentle, and imaginative, but they're also vulnerable, moody, and prickly. No one can hold a grudge like a Cancer. They don't show their anger overtly, but they do get even in the end. So the aim of Sussexit really is to protect the women in Harry's life: the legacy of his mother, and the current enviroment of his wife.

Five of Cups.
The Tarot's English school Rider-Waite decks (like the Hoi Polloi cards used on this site) show the Fives with dark, depressing imagery, but they're not actually any more negative than the other numbers. Fives are, however, all about CHANGE, which can be unsettling. Here in the Outcome card we see that the emotional climate is shifting: here's been loss, but the rollercoaster drama is over, and Prince Harry will soon be able to relax and refresh himself. This card traditionally speaks of surprise assistance and gratitude for the blessings still possessed.

The Fool.
The first Key card here shines a light into the outer circumstances of the reading. The Fool always represents a leap of faith into the unknown —  as Harry spoke of in his Sentebale speech, saying he was leaving everything he'd ever known. It also represents the newly awakened (woke!) Seeker, humbly making his way along his Life's Path with eyes open to the Glory of creation.

The Hermit.
The second Key card illumines the interior forces at play. The Hermit speaks of wisdom, and represents both guidance and being a guide for others. The Duke of Sussex possesses both helpful advisers and inner light. He's a beacon for Good.

Three of Cups.
I drew an extra card to suss out the Harry & Meghan mood just now. Three of Cups is the ultimate card of celebration. The Tignanello is flowing! They've been through so much in such a short time, but this reading says their family is definitely moving in the right direction, towards happiness and a better atmosphere, one that will reflect their joy back to them.