Sussexit I

Declaration of Independence by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
I did this reading for Harry and Meghan's new life, a week after their Declaration of Independence on January 8th of 2020, in order to show how accurate readings for World Events can be. I think it's easier to read for a topic that has blown up on Twitter, like Sussexit, than it is to read for private individuals, because the ethers are saturated with opinions on the subject, and the answers just fall down like dew.

The Chariot.
In the position of Self comes Key 7, The Chariot. This position represents a miniature portrait of the person(s) being read for. The Chariot is an interesting card to turn up here because it represents male and female energies being harnessed with love to pull a single entity forward. It clearly embodies the marriage of Harry and Meghan, handling the reins of their tandem lives. The two of them are driving ahead as a single integrated engine — they have put their own aims into the driver's seat.

Seven of Swords.
Seven of Swords steals into the Situation spot as a perfect depiction of the sneaky and malicious palace feuds & press leaks that led to the Sussexes leaving their life as Senior Royals. A card of working smarter, not harder, and of long-term plotting — both by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and by their legions of rotten rivals.

Knight of Wands.
Knight of Wands in the Outcome position is so apt, literally the card of moving to a different place. Traditionally this also represents a red-headed young man with lots of warmth and energy. Prince Harry! He's charging out of the enemy camp and onto better things — with verve and enthusiasm. His and Meghan's daring well-planned effort to break free of the stifling toxicity in Great Britain is now in action mode.

The first Key card here shines a light on the outer circumstances. Death means the ending of things. Duh! Later tater, Harry and Meghan's working days in dismal Britain are OVER. I doubt they'll be able to implement their "half-time Royal" plan. They'll probably need to step down altogether, forge ahead in a completely new direction, and leave the British Royal Family in their dust. Ashes to ashes ...

The second Key card illuminates the inner character of the players involved. Strength here shows that both Harry and Meghan have the fortitude, self-control, and the courage to weather all bumps in the road ahead as they forge a new, independent life away from the British Royal Family.

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