One Eleven

Reading Overview: Angel Day, One One One.
So usually on January 11 I’m in Chicago, looking at art and skyscrapers in the frigid cold — it’s a fun train ride up, and staying at The Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, with its lovely old lobby full of massive fireplaces and comfortable couches, is a great winter treat. But this year all that kind of exploration and soul-restoration is on pause. 

What is going on in this crazy time on Earth, that’s what I want to know. The Tarot answered! First thing that happened is — I drew three Major Arcana in the mundane past, present, and future position. That’s super unusual, even after shuffling 11 times on 1/11, & means Key Forces are busily at work on current events.

Past: The Lovers.
In the past position, The Lovers came up, and this card always means that a choice is offered. I interpret this as the US elections, and all the other choices we’ve had to make this year: wear a mask or act like an asswipe in public; go inside the grocery store to ransack the toilet paper aisle in person or have the blue-vested Walmart dude load the dog food and booze into the bed of your pick-up truck without contact; admit that Black Lives Matter or sign up to rant Nazi garbage on Parler (RIP, lolz). The Angel looking down on the Choice says the best votes won in the election, and that most of us tried to do the right thing despite all the difficulties we’ve encountered since March 2020.

Present: The Tower.
Right now our country is in disarray: the fundamental structure of democracy has been breached by Capitol Hillbillies and the Covidiots are toppling from their positions of power. What a stupid situation caused by EVIL HUBRIS, when the focus should be on getting everyone a fucking vaccination, & not only so I can take the train up to Chicago again, STAT. Well, the Bad Guys are definitely on their way to HELL, per this card.

Future: The World.
The Future is going to sort itself out, just fine. The World literally means a clear path to a Happy Future, so the choices of the past were well made. Fuck the traitorous GOP.

Left Angel Key: The Magician.
The top three cards in this triangular reading are always Major Arcana, meaning I draw until I get to one of them. No Minor Arcana were pulled before Key 1 (on 1/11 don’t forget) popped up, so that makes it extra significant. The Left Angel shows us the powers we’re using in the background, our subconscious MOJO. Looking good, kids. The Magician points out how to use the prism of our humanity to change reality. For the better.

Right Angel Key: Temperance.
The Right Angel, in the position of conscious action, shows an ANGEL on Angel Day 1/11. This Angel of Temperance combines all opposing elements to create a healing elixir. Mass vaccination is on the horizon and the World will right itself, political parties will work together, “Kumbaya” is going to be sung all across this great fucked-up country so we can get to work on fixing our problems instead of making more of them.

Syzygy: The Chariot.
The Syzygy shows what’s going to happen when the Magician and Temperance harmonize: FORWARD MOTION. All the pent up energy of the past stultified year is going to BUST OUT and start moving once again. Happily, like me heading North on Amtrak at sunrise, drinking coffee and dreaming of  the Monadnock Building.