New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries during the Pandemic Shutdown.
The cards don't lie, so I generally don't consult them when the world, either mine own or at large, is in turmoil. Information overload is a negative that adds to a sense of powerlessness, and even though I KNOW there's always an escape hatch to the more positive viewpoint if one searches hard enough, in trying times psychic energy feels better spent in building protective barriers against the onslaught than by trying to break on through to the other side. I have, however, been pulling cards as the Pandemic pandemonium has unfolded and the two that have come up most are The Hanged Man and Death. Nothing I didn't know without leaving my Twitter feed: we're all in a state of locked down suspended animation (Key 12, The Hanged Man) awaiting transformation (Key 13, Death) —  for good or ill. According to my readings, we won't know until the end of June, when the Sun enters the Zodiac sign of Cancer, just how many enduring changes have been wrought on society and the economy and our physical well-being.

Today the New Moon darkens fiery Aries, Harbringer of Spring, whilst Saturn, the Great Subtractor, has moved out of earthy, authoritarian Capricorn into the airy, scientific sign of Aquarius. There will be less energy spent hoarding toilet paper and more used to actually implement effective strategies for dealing with this massive crisis.

Six of Wands, the Hero.
The card at the Heart of the matter is Six of Wands, which is ruled by the Sun in Leo. This is a card representing all of the people who make an actual difference in times of trouble. We're seeing who really steps up to the plate when it matters: health care providers, grocery shelf stockers, governors. One thing this crisis has clearly delineated is Leaders vs. Knuckleheads. The heroes of this drama will be rewarded with a victory parade after the war is over.

Queen of Wands, the ultimate Social Distancer.
In the position of the Body, we have Queen of Wands, the Widow of the deck, urging everyone to keep their social distancing skills intact, else they want to end up permanently Alone like she is. Isolate your physical self from the presence of others right now.

Eight of Wands, the Flash Point.
In the Incoming position we have the Eight of Wands, a card which, I kid you not, is often referred to as "Viral Growth." What's a plus online is a negative in terms of pathogens. So The Virus is either about to EXPLODE or move on, we will all just have to wait and watch, from the windows of our home if we're lucky enough to be in one.

Five of Cups: Welcome Assistance.
In the Outcome card we have a clear depiction of the aftermath of this crisis. Once again, a Rider-Waite card shows a negative image on a Five pip. Fives are not inherently negative, but they are about Change. Here in the Suit of Cups the change depicted is Alchemical: a distillation that reduces quantity but improves quality. Yes, there will be Loss, but there will also be plenty of resources available to rejuvenate a diminished world. Hand wringing won’t help when it’s safe to go out and restart: prepare now for future challenges by exercising your mind and muscles indoors.

The Emperor: Patriarchy Enthroned.
The first two Key cards above the mundane reading point to the Forces working together in this situation.

The Emperor is ruled by Jupiter, the Great Attractor, Chief Benefic, and Archetype of The Patriarchy. We've been seeing a lot of the Shadow side of The Patriarchy lately. Time will tell whether or not its rules and economic systems were protective or damaging during this Pandemic.

Strength: Lady Mars Tames The Beast.
True Strength is gentle, and this Key encourages us to be kind but firm with ourselves right now. We have no control over what's happening in the outside world, but each of us can practice small acts of self-discipline, daily: leave that last package of toilet paper on the shelf if you have some at home, do a few squats during your Law & Order marathon's commercial breaks, eat one meal a day to make your pantry supplies last longer.

The Fool: Jump In, The Water's Fine.
This last Key is the Angel watching over you. The Fool is your Soul. Use it wisely here on Earth, especially when the shit hits the fan. Being Good is the strongest magical act any of us can practice. Do it.

I pulled this card as an Extra. The First of the Four Last Things to be Ever Remembered: Death. Life on Earth is on loan to your Soul. The loan is temporary. These times are a reminder of that.