Leap Year’s Day

 02+29+2020 = Leap Year's Day!
Extra! Extra! Read all about it: the World gets another day every four years, on February 29. Today. This year the Numerology of the date is 8, a number of Infinity ♾.

I drew cards for an "Unlock Your Mind" Reading, with an Extra card for the Extra day. Self, Situation, Fulcrum, Extra, and Key all turned up Key Cards! The card in the high Overview position is always a Key, but it's quite unusual for four cards in a row to turn up as Major Arcana. And I shuffled for a long time! Spooky Leap Day stuff.

Numerologically Key 13, Death, is a Four card (1+3 = 4!), and Leap Years are on a four year cycle, so that's a nice "coincidence" to start the reading off right. Death is both the end and the beginning of a new cycle. Astrologically it represents the planet Neptune, the great Dissolver, and here we are in Pisces, the last Zodiac sign of the year, which is ruled by both Neptune and Jupiter. Key 4, The Emperor, is also ruled by Jupiter, of which Neptune is a higher octave. Both of these planets and Key Cards have the qualities of expansion, of pushing boundaries: in Death, to the point that the cells wall burst and Life itself goes elsewhere. Where is this elsewhere, this additional other extra place? What must be transformed, transmuted, transubstantiated to get there? This is the main question the Self faces on this special Leap Year day out of time. You are facing a major sloughing off of skin, old scars and all. With any radical regeneration, there's the danger of corruption if you don't completely abandon all gangrenous tissues of the past. The only way to get to the other side of this particular threshhold is to shed every encumbrance you've been carrying for so, so long now.

The Magician.
The Magician in the Situation, i.e. resources available, position is a great Key to have on your side as you set forth on The Path to Elsewhere after your identity on Earth has been stripped to the bare white bone of the Death card. The Magician's only necessary tool is his imagination, which he uses to direct the four elements according his will. The source of this power — awareness — is a pulsating light that can see into the heart of the Universe, and change it.

The Hanged Man.
How does the newly unburdened seeker use his perceptions to create another realm, an Elsewhere, for himself? By meditating deeply, by path work visualization, by taking shamanic journeys from the World Tree to retrieve his soul. There's a chance that when he returns to waking consciousness, he may speak only in poetry, or forgo food for spirituous liquids, like Odin Himself in mage form. Go to the Center and find your own God. 

The World.
The World as an Extra Wild Card is a wonderful sign that the dance of Life will be a happy and successful one for the rest of your days. You will use your renewed incarnation, your rejuvenated body and mind, well and productively. Have fun, and ponder all the meanings of extra.

The Lovers.
The Lovers card in the Key positon here shows that the best way to unlock the potential of this rare Extra Special Extra Terrestial Day is to integrate both sides of yourself, the receptive and the radiant, and to consult your Angelic Guides.