Old Town Road

Reading for "Old Town Road."
I have been living in extreme self-imposed isolation for a year, and had never heard the most popular song of all time until yesterday, writer Anton Chekhov's 160th birthday (he of the famous saying, "If there's a gun hanging on the wall in the first act, it must go off in the second act.") I have no idea how I made the leap from reading about Chekhov to wondering about Lil Nas X, but Google whirled me down the vortex right to the Calmatic movie for "Old Town Road," and I found it so moving I cried. Why? The music and visuals are just so human and haunting and happy and American. Like the secret reason behind dreams of Going West. Listening to the song for hours on repeat made yesterday feel like some kind of turning point. So I asked the Tarot for clarification this morning.

The Sun.
The Self card here is EXACTLY how this song makes me feel (and about a billion other listeners as well, I would suspect) — like being alive right here and right now is the way it's supposed to be, according to The Universe. Notice the Holy Child on horseback. "I'm going to take my horse to the Old Town Road ..." My name for this white horse on The Sun card has long been "Alfonso al Fresco de la Gloriosa." Ride him for the joy of it, till you can't no more.

Nine of Swords.
Ah, but here in the Situation card is the misanthropy and despair I've been struggling against for sooo long. The song made me cry because I finally remember how I once felt, what I once believed in, who I once was before disillusionment became my main point-of-view.

Seven of Swords.
How can I ride the joy I feel listening to "Old Town Road" through the sharp sorrows of this limited incarnation? By self-discipline and planning. This Outcome card speaks of a careful calibration of strengths, both my own and mine enemy's. Think of Chekhov's gun. Don't allow anything on set that won't be used in the next act: de-clutter, de-bulk, and get ready to move!

The Star.
The Key Card here is the Star, which shows me that hearing that song really was a message from the Angels not to give up hope. What a great saga the creation of "Old Town Road" has behind it, too. So many forces in the right place at the right time. Inspiring, like the Stars Above.